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Sleepless nights / Nuits blanches

France 2023
Duration: 10:43
Directed by: Janis AUSSEL
Screenplay: Janis AUSSEL
Animation: Janis AUSSEL, Gilles COIRIER, Daniela SCHNITZER, Anna VINCENSINI, Souad WEDELL
Technique: Paper cut - stop motion
Music: Olivier MELLANO
Production/School: Jean-François BIGOT, Camille RAULO
Dialogue language: French
Subtitles language: english

Sleepless nights. Sensations, emotions that we don't understand. The search for meaning, the hope of a rest that does not come. Those who suffer from sleep disorders confide in us their questioning and their fatigue, the relentlessness to understand, sometimes in vain, this body that does not sleep.

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