Official Selection

The Seed

India 2023
Duration: 01:52
Directed by: Suresh Eriyat
Animation: Aman Gupta
Technique: Clay Animation
Music: Sameer Uddin, Dhawal Tandon
Production/School: Nilima Eriyat
Dialogue language: No dialogue
Subtitles language: No subtitles

For 14 years, at Eeksaurus, our passion for designing, planning, and producing films mirrors the nurturing of a seed into a tree. The seed, or idea, may originate from you or be discovered by us. Clients, both new and longstanding, often inquire about our expertise. Are we an animation studio, a CG house, or a live-action production company? Do we handle print? What about music and sound? The answer is, for over a decade, we've been creating films—yes, with music and sound—in a medium-agnostic manner. Versatility is our hallmark; we don't confine ourselves to a specific style or genre. Our commitment to storytelling drives us to use all our strengths to transform an idea into a timeless, fully formed film. We don't specialize in just one aspect, such as animation, graphics, or storyboards. We embrace the entire concept, crafting it into a lovable, memorable piece of work. While our films have garnered numerous awards, there's still a lingering question among our audience: What exactly are we good at? To address this, we've decided to reveal the process of how we make films at Eeksaurus. Whether you bring us an idea or we unearth the seed ourselves, the love and dedication we put into designing, planning, and producing a film is akin to nurturing a seed into a flourishing tree. We accomplish this in less time and at a cost that often doesn't fully capture the joy our tribe invests in bringing it to life for you. After experiencing our creation, if you're tempted to label Eeksaurus as just adept at clay animation films, be warned, we have hunters among us too! :) Savour the joy of our creation, as we eagerly await your next brilliant idea to nurture and grow! Cheers to more fun and creativity ahead!

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