Official Selection

The Grand Book

Grand Prix "Athena" Short
Music Award Short

Netherlands 2023
Duration: 19:59
Directed by: Arjan Brentjes
Screenplay: Arjan Brentjes
Production/School: Richard Valk

A young woman lives on the streets in a city that is reminiscent of the 1920s in terms of style and technological advancement This oppressive city has an omnipresent system of cameras and projection screens. Everything that stands out on the street is captured by the cameras and shown publicly, including when the protagonist sleepwalks during her nightmares. This adds to her overall unease until she finds a new perspective on her dreams. Maybe dreaming could be a way for her to find some privacy and let her creativity run wild - a place to be herself. The film is an animated variation of film styles from the 1920s - a silent film in which German expressionism is mixed with slapstick, accompanied by ominous modern classical music. It's a colourful 20-minute medley of cultural and artistic connections between our time and the interbellum between World War I and World War II. It may take viewers some effort to find their own meanings in this story, but they surely will not be bored.

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