Official Selection

Return to Hairy Hill / Retour à Hairy Hill

Canada 2023
Duration: 17:14
Directed by: Daniel Gies
Screenplay: Daniel Gies, Emily Paige
Music: Tyler Fitzmaurice, Jessica Moss
Production/School: Emily Paige, E.D. FILMS
Dialogue language: No Dialogue

In an isolated prairie home, a young girl shoulders the burden of caring for her three siblings and navigating a dysfunctional relationship with their mother. When the mother mysteriously transforms into a bird and abandons her children, this resilient eldest sister struggles to maintain their isolated existence. As the siblings, one by one, undergo a metamorphosis into animals and forsake her for the enchanting forest, she faces a poignant choice: embrace her own transformation and join them in the vast wilderness of their home or defy fate, embracing her scarred humanity, and venture into the towns and cities of the world to forge her own destiny.

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