Official Selection


Distinction Student

Israel 2023
Duration: 07:05
Directed by: Yotam Goren
Screenplay: Yotam Goren
Animation: Yotam Goren
Technique: Hybrid (2D and 3D)
Music: Moran Glazer
Production/School: Bezalel Academy of Arts
Dialogue language: English

In a fantastical world, where all good stories commence, a young girl is declared "The Chosen One" by the angels, destined to face challenges and confront monsters. Initially proud, her joy turns to obsession after experiencing failure and abandonment. A chance encounter with a sensitive monster challenges her perspective. "Chosen't" explores the concept of "The Chosen One" in our lives—highlighting the desire for the title, its negative impact, and the true meaning. The film also delves into the idea of the chosen one among groups, shedding light on potential drawbacks.

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