Official Selection

Vijanden van Venus! (~1965) (Surviving clip)

Netherlands 2023
Duration: 11:11
Directed by: Ernst-Jan van Melle
Screenplay: Ernst-Jan van Melle
Animation: Ernst-Jan van Melle
Technique: Digital Puppetry
Music: Ernst-Jan van Melle
Production/School: Ernst-Jan van Melle
Dialogue language: Dutch
Subtitles language: English

The only surviving fragment of a Dutch science fiction series for children from the mid-sixties (that never was). Part homage to classic British television scifi, part satire of Dutch drama, part meditation on lost media and irretrievable memories and part explosion-rich spaceship adventure. Join a heroic space captain who, together with his amphibian lieutenant and robot pal, fight to retrieve the Dutch president, who has been kidnapped by evil Venusians!

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