Official Selection


Special Mention Greek

Greece 2023
Duration: 12:00
Directed by: Nicole Tsatsou
Dialogue language: English

A tribute to Edward Hopper This project emerged from an extensive process of research and experimentation, aiming to demonstrate the results that can be obtained through a fusion of analogue and 3D virtual elements, combined with an automated interpretive tool such as artificial intelligence. Based on the work of Edward Hopper, I singled out the paintings that personally stimulate me the most, and tried to bring them closer to me by visualizing parts of my imagination that would work more like my own brushstrokes. In the process I imagined them both as static paintings and as backdrops, and attempted to harmonize them into a society of their own - a three-dimensional microcosm. The later stage was the "marriage" with AI, as I tried to discover how a programmed machine interprets the same paintings, and also how it suggests a possible experience of viewing them. I wanted to capture the predetermined and detached effect of the AI, despite its dressing up with verbal embellishments, seeking as mechanical a camera movement as possible, with a steady rhythm, not taking a position, but passing, observing and moving on. The resulting automated visual journey is the filtering of the dialogue between the above fields, in a world that I created starting from personal choices, in concert with an automated algorithm.

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