Official Selection

Matta and Matto

Switzerland 2023
Duration: 10:16
Directed by: Bianca Caderas, Kerstin Zemp
Screenplay: Bianca Caderas, Kerstin Zemp
Animation: Kerstin Zemp, Bianca Caderas, Etienne Mory, Amélie Cochet, Danay Gijzen
Technique: 2D Handdrawn
Music: Philipp Schlotter
Production/School: Joder von Rotz
Dialogue language: No Dialogue

In a dystopian world where touch is forbidden, Matta and Matto offer refuge to the lonely at Hotel Vaip. In the deceptive labyrinth of mind bending rooms at their transient hotel, deepest desires are fulfilled and surpassed, but this comes at a price.

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