Official Selection

Mr. Passenger_#01_Shapes / Sr. Passageiro_#01_Formas

Portugal 2024
Duration: 05:00
Directed by: José Pedro Cavalheiro
Screenplay: Regina Guimarães
Production/School: Luis Correia
Dialogue language: Portuguese

Each day, Mr. Passenger is drawn to a new direction of travel crammed full of adventures. Throughout all the journeys he has taken, humour and the absurd give rise to many questions and discoveries. This series involves a set of adventures, with an itinerant-thinker as its protagonist, that are rich in detours and shortcuts, and where nonsense determines the routes and broadens horizons. Today, Mr Passenger decided to escape the routine of the city. He sets off in search of shapes that might surprise him. Things only change if we extend our boundaries. Mr. Passenger is fascinated with shapes and clouds constantly shifting and never repeating each other. Suddenly, he spots a whale …

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