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Turkey 2023
Duration: 02:01
Directed by: Aylin Ohri, Eda Cagil Caglarirmak, Elif Demir, Emilia Schettino, Erma Fiend , Harmonie Aupetit , Hayley Powers, Kylie Millward, Meltem Sahin, Sedef Ertem, Selin Cinar, Yiqiao Lan
Screenplay: Meltem Sahin, Evrim Karacan
Technique: Cel, 3D, 2D, stopmotion-animation
Music: Mert Kocadayi
Production/School: GIPHY Arts
Dialogue language: English

The PMS project is an attempt to create a dialogue on the premenstrual syndrome that has been declared "taboo" or "unreal" for years. In collaboration with GIPHY Arts, PMS multi-episode series (01· taboos, 02· bodily changes, 03· mood swings, 04· in harmony) touches upon different aspects of the PMS by featuring 12 artists around the world. "taboos" focuses on the menstrual taboos we face in our daily lives, cultural stigmas, beliefs about impurity and the culture of silence. Created by Hayley Powers, Erma Fiend and Eda Çağıl Çağlarırmak. "bodily changes" focuses on physical and body fluctuations such as acne, breast swelling, and headache, which impact the quality of life. Created by Yiqiao Lan, Harmonie Aupetit and Elif Demir. "mood swings" focuses on the emotional and mental aspects which involve sudden, unexplained changes such as anger, depression, and anxiety. Created by Selin Çınar, Aylin Ohri and Emilia Schettin."in harmony" focuses on the positive aspects such as ephemerality, increased perception of surroundings, euphoria, and being collective in nature. Created by Kylie Millward, Sedef Ertem and Meltem Şahin.

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