Official Selection

The Surrogate Vistas

Australia 2023
Duration: 04:12
Directed by: Helena Papageorgiou
Screenplay: Helena Papageorgiou
Animation: Helena Papageorgiou
Music: Jonathan Weber

The concept is based in traversing several different vistas, these tilted realities provide a momentary glance into a surreal world that explores a combination of organic, sci-fi and bizarre environments. This magical realism’s journey’s supporting characters include synthetic anthropomorphic objects fused with a dream state cosmos. Providing a moment of escape this exploration through the imagined immerses the viewer in familiar surroundings with unfamiliar fabrications. Taking everyday objects and scenarios such as dogs and plants and to island settings- these subjects are transformed into grand, sometimes humorous cartoon-like figures fused together with the ridiculous and unreal via animation. For instance the opening scene transformation is a dripping moon which slowly reveals an island turning into a human form that escapes their world by tapping the land and being propelled into a travellator journey of interplanetary matter. This is that playful deception and transformative power I see within animations. Through the lush and magical settings each vista conjures up a kaleidoscopic world infused with a dreamlike, surreal sensibility – often directly related to a particular perception or the atmosphere of an encounter, individual or scene.

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