Official Selection

METECHO: An architectural narrative at a medieval ruin / ΜΕΤΕΧΩ: Μία αρχιτεκτονική ιστορία στο μετόχι των Κριτζιανών

Greece 2024
Duration: 02:10
Directed by: Evangelia Moschou, Maria Effrosyni Varsami
Production/School: Evangelia Moschou, Maria Effrosyni Varsami

METECHO is an architectural narrative about the revival of an abandoned building and the spirit of this place, through references to the history of this place and interpretations of the communal monastic ritual, whose dynamic evolution eventually prevents anything alive from becoming static. The characters create an architecture that promotes the commune in itself, promotes people to participate in its creation, to participate in its evolution and to participate in its functioning, thus participating in their association with each other. The animation presented, describes a day in the revitalized commune, and how it continues to evolve spatially and chronologically.

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