Official Selection

Kafkaesque / Kafkaesque Yeh Life

India 2024
Duration: 05:57
Directed by: Bob, Bobby
Animation: Bob, Bobby
Technique: 2D
Music: Anirban Ajoy Das
Production/School: Ambarish Majumdar, Anirban Ajoy Das, Debojit Saha, Shankar Seal
Dialogue language: Hindi

All of us, at some point of our life wonder what to make of this world, and our existence in it. What is the purpose of life, we ask. Most of us become disillusioned with life at some point. Few claim to have figured it out, but have they, really? This animated music video, which is the labor of love (and creative eccentricity) of a small group of like minded artists and thinkers, attempts to answer this age old question and unabashedly proclaim - life need not have a meaning at all! The Hindi song brilliantly penned by Manish Kumar Gupta has been set to a haunting tune by composer Anirban Ajay Das. The fearless filmmaker duo of Bob & Bobby have rendered this enigmatic song to a mystic animated video. Is there a hidden message in this song - dear audience, what do you think the message is?

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