Official Selection


Distinction Student

United States of America 2023
Duration: 06:19
Directed by: Chenxi Zhang
Screenplay: Chenxi Zhang
Animation: Chenxi Zhang
Technique: 2D animation, animated object, pencil on paper, paper cut-out
Music: Squash & Biscuit
Production/School: California Institute of the Arts
Dialogue language: Chinese
Subtitles language: English

Mom always meticulously braided my hair tightly, so tight that it pulled a clear path on top of my head. But one day, she cut off my braids. I didn't want to resist, yet I had to accept it. As I took my first steps forward alone, my stride faltered. Along the path on my head, I touched our unbreakable inner attachment, and the journey of female growth we were both unprepared to face.

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