Official Selection


India 2023
Duration: 03:10
Directed by: Elias George Ponodathu
Screenplay: Elias George Ponodathu
Dialogue language: Malayalam

"Story of Kurumba" chronicles the tragic fate of Kurumba, a Pulaya woman, encapsulating heart-wrenching discrimination in Kerala centuries ago. In a society sharply divided by caste, Kurumba becomes a tragic victim of Karinirth, an abominable ritual wherein she's brutally sacrificed, and buried alive under the foundations of a bridge. This ritual was believed to strengthen the bridge's foundation, reflecting society's chilling indifference to the lower castes. Amidst this backdrop of cruelty, the story emphasizes the unwavering loyalty and love of Kayel, Kurumba's pet dog. This tale, passed down to me by my great-grandmother, serves as a potent reminder of history's darker moments, urging audiences to reflect on inhumane cultural practices and inspiring hope for a more egalitarian and empathetic society. The film's grayscale animation, combined with evocative Kerala-themed music, creates an ambiance that amplifies the profound emotions conveyed throughout the story.

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