Official Selection

Poco a poco

United Kingdom 2022
Duration: 04:14
Directed by: Kanto Ohara Maeda
Screenplay: Kanto Ohara Maeda
Animation: Kanto Ohara Maeda
Technique: Sand-animation technique using coffee grounds
Production/School: Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh
Dialogue language: English
Subtitles language: English

A short animation which follows the memory of the narrator’s pet duck, which he calls his “little sister”. Based on a true story, of a duck who became part of the family of a human immigrant mother and son from Japan, living in the UK. The duck, ‘Poco,’ imprinted on them, after the mother miraculously hatched her from an egg, under an electric blanket. The film is about the malleability of memory, and the precious beauty of moments in time. Created under camera, using coffee grounds, in a sand-animation technique.

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