Official Selection


3rd Prize Experimental

Canada 2023
Duration: 07:53
Directed by: Jason Zumpano
Screenplay: Jason Zumpano
Animation: Kerr Holden
Technique: 3D - a mx of hand and procedural computer animation
Music: Jason Zumpano
Production/School: JAZfilm

A meditation on the radically different means of creation available to us, Jason Zumpano’s latest short “Glide” is an invitation to the mythopoetic and the various materials, from the painterly to the digital, that bring it into existence. Against Matisse-like colour palettes and impressionistic-resolutions, the central figure of “Glide” is a woman floating on a lantern-helmed rowboat. We float through various angles and perspectives as she’s drawn languidly towards a collective future. The screen blends between settings that emerge from sky to ocean and from canvas to characters coming together in a watery dreamscape that enacts a mysterious ritual. The soundtrack voices the oceanic and star-lit setting. Think Vangelis in an Aeolian reverie of golden hues. Think, ponder and glide.

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