Official Selection

Porta Party

United States of America 2023
Duration: 03:00
Directed by: John T. Hill
Screenplay: Emma Milling
Animation: Beau Shepherd, Apollo Shepherd, Jacob Dew, Caleb Busby, Emma Milling, John T. Hill
Technique: Digital 2D Animation
Music: Caleb Busby
Production/School: University of South Alabama
Dialogue language: English

Completed in 48 hours for the "Statewide Scramble" 2023 hosted by Sidewalk Film + Cinema over the weekend of April 14 - 16 by Little Circus, a team of five undergrad students and a faculty team leader. Our assigned genre was "Slapstick Comedy" and our required line was "I wish you would have told me sooner." We were awarded an Honorable Mention at the competition screening on April 19th. Chadwick's bros have unwittingly trapped him in a precarious prank and he must use all of his faculties to survive. Will Chadwick's love for his homies overcome?

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