Official Selection

The Sun, The Mast or Gravity

Croatia 2022
Duration: 05:53
Directed by: Mario Mu
Screenplay: Mario Mu
Animation: Mario Mu
Technique: Digital Film
Music: Strahinja Arbutina
Production/School: Museum Of Contemporary Art Zagreb
Dialogue language: -
Subtitles language: -

Corroded steel cables emerge from the riverbed and become a branching, nervous system-like structure. Dealing with the destruction, healing, despair and desire, the perpetual transformations of the shape-shifting architecture unfold the myths surrounding the work of the Yugoslavian architect and his devotion to build a pavilion using the ruins of the bridge that was destroyed in the second world war. Following the transformation that encompasses different architectural typologies, from the never-realized mast of the Yugoslav pavilion to the ruins of the National Museum of Aleppo, the video explores alternative perceptions of spatiality through the morphology of digital spaces.

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