Official Selection


Netherlands 2024
Duration: 16:00
Directed by: Robin Noorda
Screenplay: Robin Noorda
Production/School: Robin Noorda, Marc Thelosen
Dialogue language: English

Lunatic tackles urgent earthly issues, as seen by a lonely astronaut, called Antonio, who was left behind on the moon after his coming out. In addition to the climate crisis, human waste, even in space, determines our fate. The moon-guard, a statue of a skinned warrior, symbolises defence against the space debris danger from above. Ultimately, collisions between space debris and satellites will cause a cascade of collisions that will destroy all communications. It's called Kessler syndrome. The earth ends up with a Saturn like dust ring of metal and silicon. Antonio is aware of these problems and as he put's it: “It is one small scrap by man, one giant heap by mankind.” He tries to do some terra forming on the moon and finally he meets the all knowing 'I am AI' who also happens to be the voice over. Lunatic is an improvisation animation film by Robin Noorda, based on his poem about the human behaviour of leaving waste everywhere.

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