Official Selection

Eclipse / خسوف

2nd Prize Student

Iran 2023
Duration: 05:23
Directed by: Elahe Falahian Mehrjerdi
Screenplay: Elahe Falahian Mehrjerdi
Animation: Elahe Falahian Mehrjerdi
Technique: a combination of digital 2d painting and sand on glass stop motion
Music: Mehran Badakhshan/Mohammad Hadi Majidi
Production/School: Elahe Falahian Mehrjerdi
Dialogue language: No dialogue
Subtitles language: No subtitles

A woman is sad and regretful for not wanting her child and aborting his/her. To compensate for cutting the umbilical cord of the small fetus, the woman cuts the rope that connects her to the mountain or life. She throws herself off the mountain, but the fetus protects her with his/her big hands.

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