Official Selection

Growing Pains – A Film in Seven Parts / Idade Óssea – Um Filme em Sete Quadros

Portugal 2022
Duration: 19:58
Directed by: Isabel Aboim Inglez
Screenplay: Rui Horta Pereira, Isabel Aboim Inglez
Animation: Isabel Aboim Inglez, Rui Horta Pereira
Music: Eduardo Raon
Production/School: Miguel Sales Lopes / Kinora Filmes, Isabel Aboim Inglez
Dialogue language: Portuguese
Subtitles language: English

On a hot summer afternoon, life unfolds, shadows grow and the wind blows. Two children play without noticing that time advances relentlessly, theirs, the one of the creatures, the one of the earth, and the one of the imagination. This elastic and layered time reveals itself in its traces, marks, and elements, allowing us to learn more about earth and its inhabitants. Five narrators accompany us in this excavation that is intended to be infinite, revealing time and its marks.

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