Official Selection

Bright Souls

Russia 2023
Duration: 08:00
Directed by: Anastasiia Zhakulina
Screenplay: Anastasiia Zhakulina
Animation: Anastasiia Zhakulina
Technique: Hand-drawn
Music: Sofia Petkevich
Production/School: Olga Granovskaya
Dialogue language: Russian
Subtitles language: English

Adapted from the short story of the same name by Vasily Shukshin. Heat, summer, countryside, harvest… Misha is a truck driver who's always off at work, transporting grain from faraway villages. His wife Yenya misses her husband terribly and craves love and attention. She is hurt when Misha swings by home and immediately starts tinkering with the truck. The dark summer night is so beautiful, and the time is running out to just be with each other.

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