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shlosha tapuzim

Israel 2021
Duration: 08:48
Directed by: Shachar Levi, Ben Braiman, Lemmy Michel
Screenplay: Shachar Levi, Ben Braiman, Lemmy Michel
Animation: Shachar Levi, Ben Braiman, Lemmy Michel
Technique: 3D Animation
Music: Itay Tamarov
Production/School: Shachar Levi, Ben Braiman, Lemmy Michel
Dialogue language: No dialogs
Subtitles language: English

Three Oranges is an animated adaptation of a real story that took place in 1952. In one of the Ma'abrot (transit camps in Israel), where the horrific assault of an old woman led to what is considered the first rebellion of the jews who immigrated from Arabic countries. Ovadia - the main character in our film- tries to integrate into Israeli society, but despite his attempts, he is shown again and again that in reality he does not belong because of where he came from. So when this injustes hits him where it hurts most, he decides to take a stand. And as a result, he became "the first Black Panther" before the term existed. In the creation of this film, we can take a retrospective look at the story and suggest that the lessons from that incident may still be more relevant than ever in the current environment of Israel 2022 - An unfair distribution of resources which creates a disparity between classes and leads to a vicious cycle of endless frustration, racism and violence.

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