Official Selection

Bride's Dream

Canada 2022
Duration: 07:00
Directed by: Joe Chang
Screenplay: Joe Chang
Animation: Joe Chang
Technique: Joe Chang
Music: Shen Lin
Production/School: Yang Li
Dialogue language: Chinese
Subtitles language: English

This is a story about a bride who is separated from her soldier husband by life and death. At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty in China, a civil war was launched in order to compete for power and positions, and the people suffered from exile and exile. The man, Wang Hui, had been married for less than a few months and was forcibly conscripted into the army. Newlywed wife Zhang, who has been waiting at home all day long, accompanied by the birds in the garden, unknowingly becoming a dream. Dreaming of Wang Hui's return from dismantling his armor, Zhang was both happy and sad. All of a sudden, the drums of war were terrifying, and the soldiers were in chaos, all of which were skeletons of flesh and blood. Zhang suddenly woke up with fright, only to realize that it was all a dream.

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