Official Selection


Distinction Student

Hungary 2022
Duration: 08:13
Directed by: Adél Palotás
Screenplay: Adél Palotás
Technique: Digital 2D frame-by-frame
Music: Ákos Lovász
Production/School: Budapest Metropolitan University
Dialogue language: English

The „LIGHTS” animation short's characters are people with lamp heads, who are living in a modern city. These robot like beings are made in a factory, where our main character is working, but he is different from the others because of his old incandescent lamp head, which isn't accepted by the new LED lamp generation. He needs to hide it, but when his secret is discovered, he has to run away from the city, but the outside world has a more shocking truth. The lamp people's society is a metaphor of our, human society. The message wants to reflect on discrimination between groups with different culture, origin, appearance, religion, orientation, etc. Also it wants to draw attention to our continous seek for new products and throwing away the old ones.

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