Official Selection

Sewing Love

Japan 2023
Duration: 08:33
Directed by: XU YUAN
Screenplay: Xu Yuan
Animation: Xu Yuan
Technique: Xu Yuan
Music: Nanami Sato
Production/School: Tatsutoshi Nomura
Dialogue language: No
Subtitles language: No

This animation manifests the emotional selfish desire called love. In every relationship, individual’s spirit and soul should not be tied down with each other. And whether their relationship ends in happiness or misery, in the river of natural life, each person’s life is just a small stream that injects into the long river halfway and then evaporates halfway. In this film, two individuals with strong personalities, are ultimately driven to ruin by selfish possessiveness. But in the end, their death, their rebirth after corruption, is just a part of this continuum called natural life, no matter whether their behaviors should be morally criticized, or should be introspected by us.

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