Official Selection


Spain 2022
Duration: 19:57
Directed by: Ignasi López Fàbregas
Screenplay: Ignasi López Fàbregas
Production/School: Ana Benigna Vega Pérez
Dialogue language: No Dialogue

Marek Molek and Bruno Grassi are on the verge of reaching the summit of The Great Troll, the last and most difficult unclimbed mountain. A heavy storm, exhaustion and adverse snow conditions prevent them from actually reaching the summit, which is very near. Bruno and Marek argue about whether or not they should tell the truth. During the hazardous descent, one of them will attempt to persuade the other one by any means. In the meantime, Mike Bacon, the special correspondent covering the news, is unable to get in touch with them and is waiting anxiously at base camp.

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