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Meet Again (JAEHOE) / 재회

Korea 2022
Duration: 05:04
Directed by: ap-sol KANG
Screenplay: ap-sol KANG, yoo-rim LEE
Animation: ap-sol KANG,yoo-rim LEE,min-gyeong KIM,jun-su PARK,ye-ji JO,jeong-yun LEE,hae-ram KIM,su-hyun CHOI,hwi-su SON,seung-yeon LEE,seung-yeon LEE,eun-ji LEE,do-kyoung KIM,ji-eun PARK,young-jin LEE,seo-young PARK,Hyeon-ji HAN,ji-hye YANG,ki-seo,SONG,BONO
Technique: 2D Digital Animation / min-joo SHIN, Hyeon-ji HAN, yoo-rim LEE, ap-sol KANG, ji-hye YANG
Music: Lemon Sound
Production/School: ji-hye YANG/Chungkang College of Cultural Industries
Dialogue language: Korean
Subtitles language: English

A strange festival in the middle of the night experienced by a wandering 14-year-old girl, "Hanbyeol." On her 14th birthday, "Hanbyeol" who was angry at her mother who didn’t send a single text message, let alone celebration, ran away from home that evening. The moment she ran into a girl leading a group of goblins in a strange alley that she unknowingly entered, she saw a familiar memory...

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