Official Selection


Greece 2021
Duration: 05:45
Directed by: Sissy Barakari
Screenplay: Sissy Barakari
Animation: Sissy Barakari
Production/School: Sissy Barakari
Subtitles language: English

In his book, "The Fall of Public Man", R.Sennet states that people nowadays sought to find personal meanings in impersonal situations and they are too close so as they can’t ensure a healthy social contact. The "fetuses" project attempts an unboxing of some of the imposed social conventions and behaviors, which are directly related to the satisfaction of the (real or apparent) needs of the individual. Under the guise of "intimacy", these conventions lead to the fragmentation of society into individuals who never manage to connect effectively. Individuals "come out" of their hypothetical boxes, but eventually they fail to communicate with each other like helpless fetuses trapped in the amniotic sac.

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