Official Selection

The Sirens still singing

Greece 2022
Duration: 11:11
Directed by: Student Group "Myth, Music & Animation", Matina Venetiadou
Screenplay: Writers: Konstantina Tabourantzi, Nikolaos Bablekis, Dimitra Valianou
Animation: Ageliki Karadima, Eleftheria Dalla, Dimitra Vallianou, Konstantina Tabouradji, Danae Arianoutsou, Artemis Griva, Despina Astraki, Tatiana Gotski, Irini Kanellopoulou, Raphael Kassoumou, Aella Paraskevopoulou, Ketevan Tsakalidou, Marianthi Tsironi
Technique: Stop Motion Animation
Music: Matina Venetiadou
Production/School: Matina Venetiadou/ Athens High School of Arts (Καλλιτεχνικό Γυμνάσιο Αθηνών)
Dialogue language: Modern Greek (1453-)
Subtitles language: English, French

Somewhere out there, in mythological time, two worlds - islands floating in the same sea... One world is that of the Sirens, the hybrid female creatures of the wild sea and the other world is a society of typical humans, of gloom, oppression, separation and war. Colours intertwine with black, healing songs are born for sailors wandering on the magical and difficult journey of life. The feminine principle struggles to find and initiate her power through her song. But where is this song born? Is it somewhere there on the outskirts of Hades, at the bottom of the human soul and the sea? All that is left of the confrontation with death is the song. It is the symbol of a struggle for life itself, an initiation into the power of the woman who transforms. She shares wings, love and songs. But who, will extend his hand to receive the gifts of life? This is a film dedicated to all people with a feminine soul who fight in the darkest corners and like weavers, they courageously spin a better world.

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