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they rise, these sponge fortresses / elles s’élèvent, ces forteresses éponges

Canada 2022
Duration: 07:13
Directed by: Guillaume Vallée
Screenplay: Guillaume Vallée
Animation: Guillaume Vallée
Technique: Paint and scratch on film
Music: Stephanie Castonguay
Dialogue language: No Dialogue, text on screen
Subtitles language: English, French

The cameraless animated short ''they rise, these sponge fortresses'' is made from a 35 mm trailer of the feature film ''Water Lilies'' (2007) by Céline Sciamma. Experimental filmmaker Guillaume Vallée explores and questions his sensory memory as a teenager, partially lost. This process of resuscitating buried experiences and forgotten memories is carried by the materiality of 35 mm film, the nature of the images filmed and the interventions of the filmmaker painting and scratching the film emulsion directly. In this reverse journey, the memory-images, the affects reveal their plasticity, their imperfections, their chaos, their sensuality and their significance. The soundtrack is by Stephanie Castonguay and the texts by author Gabrielle Boulianne-Tremblay.

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