Official Selection

F r a g m e n t e d

Greece 2023
Duration: 01:22
Directed by: Ioulia Lymperopoulou
Screenplay: Ioulia Lymperopoulou
Dialogue language: English

I was inspired by my novel “The smudge” (Taxideftis-2021), seizing the opportunity to recreate on my story and characters and thus experimenting to enrich and deepen the already given material, in order to expand it to different levels. In a nutshell, the elements Ι played with were the fragments of thoughts, feelings and body, lost in the chaos of the human condition, trying to find their way out οf the labyrinth, in purpose of equilibration and restabilization. The body is used as an allegory, the house of psyche, where words, consciousness, unconsciousness, memory, experience are scattered and rediscovered in their wholeness. In this process, the connotated symbolism of death is conceived as restart and metamorphosis. Technically, fragmented images and phrases are clockwise seminated in the illustration, around the center and point of reference, as if trying to find their existential meaning by following the rhythm of life while struggling to become a complete entity. mp4 experimental short, silent

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