Official Selection


Switzerland 2022
Duration: 07:50
Directed by: Beatrice Jäggi
Screenplay: Beatrice Jäggi, Lina Geissmann
Animation: Geena Gasser, Beatrice Jäggi
Technique: Stop Motion
Music: beni Mosele
Production/School: Lina Geissmann
Dialogue language: No Dialogue

Ethel discovers boxes with glittering clothes of her late mother, who was a figure skater. In the snowy forest she searches for the idyllic pond where her mother once taught her to skate. She wants to relive those memories, attempts to understand her mother’s passion. On the frozen pond Ethel, however, encounters the Bone Ice Princess, who challenges her to a dangerous dance on thin ice. Will Ethel survive this contest in one piece? A tale of letting go and growing up.

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