Official Selection

Selfportrait between Prague and Vienna (Places and Monuments - 12) / Autoportrait entre Prague et Vienne (Lieux et Monuments-12)

Canada 2021
Duration: 08:55
Directed by: Pierre Hébert
Screenplay: Pierre Hébert
Animation: Pierre Hébert
Technique: Scratch on film
Production/School: Pierre Hébert
Dialogue language: No Dialogue
Subtitles language: No Subtitles

On 2 November 2014, I travelled by train from Prague to Vienna. I like the old-fashioned charm of Eastern European trains, with their mirrors and all. Sitting alone in my compartment, I was soon overwhelmed by the effects of light caused by the motion of the train. The many reflective surfaces, windows and mirrors, amplified the flickering light of the sun as it set behind the trees that lined the railroad, the reflections inverting the direction of the train – an augmented panorama. A true metaphor of cinema was before my eyes. I set my camera up on the seat opposite, took clothing out of my suitcase to steady the camera on the luggage (using a tripod was impossible) and began filming. I could already envisage the film that might result from this as I positioned myself in this counterintuitive space that was multiplied by the reflections.

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