Official Selection

Together, body and soul

Romania 2022
Duration: 10:47
Directed by: Vasile Alboiu, Liviu Gabriel Dinu
Screenplay: Vasile Alboiu
Animation: Liviu Gabriel Dinu
Technique: stop motion full CG animation
Music: Alexei Turcan
Production/School: Alexandru Teodorescu, Adina Teodorescu
Dialogue language: Romanian
Subtitles language: English

Madame S. is marrying her beautiful daughter to Mr. Gluand, a rich old doctor. What she doesn’t know is that Madelene has agreed to this deal only because she is in love with the doctor’s protégée, Marcel. The two start a hidden secret romance after the arranged marriage. However, the doctor discovers their secret. Looking for vengeance, he decides to let the two lovers be together, body and soul.

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