Official Selection

The Free Hearts Friedrich Nietzsche

Germany 2023
Duration: 12:11
Directed by: Garshasp Y Ghobadi
Screenplay: Garshasp Y Ghobadi
Animation: Garshasp Y Ghobadi &Arman bonyadi Rad
Technique: Cut_out & Experimental & Surreal & Drawing
Music: Sound Effect By Arman Bonyadi & Garshasp Ghobadi
Production/School: Garshasp Y Ghobadi (CABADES FILM)
Dialogue language: English
Subtitles language: English &, Italian

" Short Reviewing the Story : in 1883 Nietzsche wrote the book "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" to use for teach the superman method. But the day he sees the "whipped horse in Turin", he becomes disappointed, and at that moment he imagined the future of Human without emotion and realized that humans cannot become superhumans. Because without a "good heart" that helps to "balance" "truth" and "nature", we cannot be superhuman it was the Prophet "Zarathustra" way . So it led Nietzsche to a mental breakdown and permanent illness and then death. But this was the beginning of the story because a distant future was waiting for mankind that Nietzsche imagined before he died ....

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