Official Selection

The truth is out there

United States of America 2021
Duration: 08:14
Directed by: Shih Yin Lee
Screenplay: Shih Yin Lee
Animation: Shih Yin Lee
Technique: 3D animation
Music: edit by Shih Yin Lee
Production/School: Shih Yin Lee
Dialogue language: English

On this sunny day, the ants were industriously going about their business, but suddenly a massive shadow covered the sun, causing the ants to halt in surprise. They were curious about what could have caused this interruption to their day. Some of the ants brought up a legend they had heard about creatures known as humans, which were said to be larger and more powerful than ants. This idea filled the ants with fear and uncertainty, and they held a heated discussion about the existence of these humans. The king of the ants was livid upon hearing about the talk of humans. He forbade any further discussion about them and proclaimed that the ant king was the greatest in the world. Despite his efforts to squash the truth, the truth is still out there.

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