Official Selection

About Dam and Hofit

Distinction Experimental

Canada 2022
Duration: 18:56
Directed by: Gali Blay, Leila Zelli
Screenplay: Gali Blay, Leila Zelli
Animation: Gali Blay, Leila Zelli, Jean-François Gauthier, Nicole Aebersold
Technique: Puppet stop motion animation/ paint on glass/ 2D computer collage/ Rotoscope
Music: Jean-Philippe Thibault
Production/School: Gali Blay, Leila Zelli
Dialogue language: English, Hebrew, Persian
Subtitles language: English/French

“About Dam and Hofit” is the story of the forbidden friendship between Dam, the tip of mount Damavand in Iran and Hofit, an air force plane from Israel. Their unexpected encounter dares them to reimagine a friendship against all odds.

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