Official Selection

Voyager Birdman

United States of America 2022
Duration: 05:00
Directed by: Gerald Habarth
Technique: Rotoscope, Collage
Dialogue language: English, Spanish

A dream on a long dark highway. Voyager Birdman is a frame-by-frame experimental animation made from simple line drawings, rotoscoped video clips, and views of the highway filmed between Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Sounds of podcast voices, old radio programs, Nasa recordings and audio files sampled from those carried at this very moment by the Voyager space probes launched in the late 1970’s, merge with an unfolding stream of hand-drawn symbols, sketches, figures and fragmented views of the passing landscape. It attempts to capture the fleeting dynamics of thoughts, impulses and memories experienced on a long night’s drive - much like the virtual and untethered character of contemporary existence - and the lure of an interstellar connection.

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