Official Selection

The birth of the unicorn XXII

Special Mention Experimental

Greece 2022
Duration: 18:14
Directed by: Christina Sarli
Screenplay: Xartist (Christina Sarli)
Animation: Xartist (Christina Sarli)
Technique: hybrid traditional-2D and 3D computer generated animation, analog post production with DIY video synth (creative code)
Music: Nadi Nicoco
Production/School: Slash_0238 Productions
Dialogue language: English
Subtitles language: English

This experimental animated film follows the journey of a random artist (Xartist) who challenges themselves to render their unconscious mind through a year-long project involving various forms of experimental media for animated storytelling. The resulting 365 animated gifs contain recurring themes, myths, and familiar characters that prompt the Xartist to reflect on the origin of inspiration, imagination, and storytelling. The Xartist then merges dreams and digital entities, creating a shared visual language for queer ecologies playing a multiplayer game of mutualism and survival online. The X-artist becomes the X-director, creating a game of hybrid a e s t h e t i c s pre- and post-produced animated single narrative from the 365 rendered dreams and visual ingredients using video software and DIY analog video electronic circuits.

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